12 Dundonald St. - “Baby beast”

Our original location - Now dubbed “Baby Beast” due to its smaller and more intimate setting.

This is the location for you if:

  • You are looking for a quiet location

  • You don’t enjoy working out in front of others

  • You work in Hamilton and want to go to the gym at Lunch Hour

  • You HATE crowds and NEVER want to wait for a piece of equipment

62 Dundonald st. - “big beast”

Our newest location - “Big Beast” came to life after BEAST realized that it had outgrown “Baby Beast”.

This is the location for you if:

  • You love high energy environments

  • You want access to THREE stories of training facilities

  • You work in Hamilton or anywhere else on the Island

  • You don’t mind a busy atmosphere but still DON’T like waiting for equipment